Scented Water Bottle with Flavoured Pods

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We all think that our sense of taste is all reflected by the taste buds on the tongue, but, in reality, the tongue is only responsible for part of the taste experience. We can use the sense of smell to reflect the source of the taste. Although you drink water in this water glass, it has no taste, but we can use the sense of smell to experience the taste brought by the fragrance ring, so that you feel that you are drinking water with taste.
No Sugar, No Calories, More Fun Simply drink water whilst enjoy exciting flavours. The refreshment of your favourite tastes from soft drinks, juice, squash or syrup, without worrying about sugar and additional chemicals. All the benefits of drinking water, but with a tastier experience
The flavored water bottle is made of high-quality food-grade PC, drink safely and sustainably with our BPA-frees reusable water bottle. Great for healthy drinking.
Flavor your water like never before with our included 7-flavor pack. Perfect for a refreshing and healthy drink.
[Buckle Handle Design]Our air water bottle flavour pods water bottle is equipped with a release buckle and carrying strap. The mouth of the bottle is wide, it's easy to add ice cubes. It is convenient to connect this plastic water bottles to your backpack, bike, or travel bag. Ideal for travel, hiking, gym, and any indoor and outdoor activities.

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