Hyaluronic Acid 7-day Secret Toner - 155ml

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Moisturizing toner MAY ISLAND 7 Days Secret 4D Hyaluronic toner with various types of hyaluronic acid for skin care after washing. Suitable for all skin types, but especially recommended for dry, sensitive, prone to peeling, as well as dull. 

Advantages of MAY ISLAND 7 Days Secret 4D Hyaluronic toner:

  • deeply moisturizes the skin,
  • calms her down
  • removes the feeling of dryness and tightness after washing,
  • improves complexion,
  • smoothes wrinkles,
  • prepares the skin for further care stages.

Key components:

  • 4D hyaluronic acid is a complex of four types of hyaluronic acid with molecules of different sizes that penetrate into different layers of the skin. Creates an invisible three-dimensional network on the skin surface that attracts moisture from the outside and holds it from the inside. Due to this hydration, the skin is "filled", looking smooth.

How to use: after cleansing, apply the toner by hand or with a cotton swab. 

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