Foldable LED 7 Colour Photon Therapy

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LED Facial Mask Photon Light Therapy

A  special wavelength phototherapy.

Red, yellow and blue light sources are arranged in a matrix of three special wavelengths, which can directly irradiate the skin, restore the natural vitality of skin cells, and beautify the skin. 

Handy, light, mobile and convertible

For light therapy, the device has three different color variants in different wavelengths with special effects.

Red light (wavelength: 640 nm) promotes the production of collagen and blood circulation, stimulates cell activity, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The skin regains elasticity.

Blue light (wavelength: 423 nm) has a sterilizing effect, kills harmful bacteria, acts against inflammation (ideal for acne), cleanses the skin and activates cells. At the same time, it prevents overproduction of sebum and has a calming effect.

Yellow light (wavelength: 583 nm) improves metabolism, promotes blood circulation and elasticity of the skin. It becomes soft and youthfully supple. Age spots are reduced and the complexion is rebalanced. Redness, inflammation and swelling decrease significantly.

You can also choose the following light combinations :

  • blue, yellow and red light

  • red and blue light

  • red and yellow light

  • and blue and yellow light.

The phototherapy mode is timed for 25 minutes, with the option to change and combine different light mode.

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