Brow and Facial Razor Blades - 3 pack - Masks n More

Brow and Facial Razor Blades - 3 pack

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No More Hair in Unwanted, Awkward Places!

If you have thick hair or a hair color that's not naturally light blonde, then you probably have had close encounters with peach fuzz. Those pesky hairs that linger on your upper lip, cheeks, and other areas of your face can be annoying to deal with. While you could just leave it and rock it, you might just prefer a smoother feel.

These Dermaplane Eyebrow and Facial Razors are super convenient and easy to use. They help shape your eyebrows, remove peach fuzz and can even exfoliate dead skin along the way.



- Mild & Painless

- Portable & Compact

- Easy to Use

Light weight and convenient to store; easily store in a makeup bag, so you can get ready or a touch-up anytime, anywhere.


What's in the box

3 x Dermaplane Eyebrow & Facial Razor

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