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Hydra Pen H2 Mesotherapy Wireless Device + 2 Vials

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Hydra Pen is a skincare device for fractional mesotherapy combined with microneedling to renew the skin both inside and outside.

Hydra Pen operates on the principle of automatic skin micro-penetration using pulsating needles with the simultaneous introduction of cosmetic substances intended for mesotherapy. The Hydra Pen H2 creates vertical micro-channels in the skin, facilitating the delivery of vitamins and other cosmetic substances to the epidermis and dermis. The resulting micro-injuries take advantage of the innate ability of the body to self-regenerate and produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid fibres.

The wireless device with the intergrated Hydra Pen H2 dispenser is distinguished by advanced and modern technology. The extremely efficient motor allows you to work at an optimal speed of up to 15000 punctures per minute. The ability to work on four levels of piercing speed. Thanks to this treatment is more effective and safe. The basis of the device are exchangeable cartridges equipped with needles made of titanium and a built-in cocktail container for mesotherapy or a dye for bb glow treatments.

Use one needle set for one person only.

You can operate by yourself only if you have experience for this type of equipment, otherwise the treatment must be operated by a professional beautician.

1. After the treatment, apply post-care serum for the skin protection.

2. For safe correct use, read the manual thoroughly before using the dermapen.


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