Melanin Control Skin Lightening Combo

Melanin Control Skin Lightening Combo

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Have you got Dull skin? Acne? Scarring? Hyperpigmentation? Dehydrated Skin? Does your skin need some TLC?

This combo is for you! 

Curcumin protects skin by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation through nuclear factor-KB inhibition. Curcumin treatment also reduced wound-healing time, improved collagen deposition and increased fibroblast and vascular density in wounds thereby enhancing both normal and impaired wound-healing.

Our serum is Infused with 100% Natural Oils & Extracts that work together to fade scars and hyperpigmentation, give your skin the hydration it needs leaving your skin looking radiant and plumped! 

Our Turmeric Soap bar is infused with Curcuma, a natural skin lightener, together with Kojic acid, a tyrosinase inhibitor. A natural and pure way to prevent aging and give your skin the beautiful glow you deserve. Reverse aging, fill fine lines, and prevent wrinkles while hydrating and balancing the PH of your skin. This bar is one of a kind and you'll love the way it makes your skin feel.

Seal all the goodness of the soap and serum with our power packed tyrosinase inhibitor face cream. Featuring glutathione, alpha arbution and kojic acid to target dark marks, pigmentation, scarring and a dull complexion.


100g Turmeric and Kojic Soap

50 ml Snow White Face Cream

30 ml Turmeric serum

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