O’Melon Hydro Calming Mask -10

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O'Melon XO Mask Box of 10

Professional facial mask for irritated skin.
Revitalize skin with hydration after treatments.

1.Soothing and moisturizing
3. Suitable for all skin types

Pro Tip:  Refrigerate mask approximately 15 minutes prior to use OR mask can be stored in Fridge.  This mask is also designed to be used alone or with an LED mask/shield!  

Key Features:

Triple Hyaluronic acids strengthen the moisture barrier, moisturize the skin and enhance water retention.

Patented ingredient - Natural Protector soothes the skin under stress, makes the skin soft and restores elasticity.

Centella asiatica extract and green tea extract calm the sensitive skin.

Madecassoside and panthenol protect the skin against external stimulation and keep the skin healthy.


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