Oligopeptide freeze dried powder kit - 5 x 2 pcs - Masks n More

Oligopeptide serum kit

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Peptides prompt your cells to produce more collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the skin. Oligopeptides, are able to get deep into the cellular level when applied topically. 

Studies have shown that oligopeptides in skincare do indeed cause an increase in proteins like collagen and help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling and help to improve volume and plumpness of the skin. 

Stimulate skin growth and repair. For example, they can help trigger healing for the red, oozy, scaly situation that typically happens after a pimple has popped.

Increase hydration - More collagen from peptides = plumper, well hydrated skin.

Fight inflammation: As antioxidants in peptides help to calm and soothe skin, inflammation is reduced.

Protect against free radicals: Since oligopeptides help to build up skin cells, they are essentially strengthening the skin barrier and increasing protection against UV damage and other environmental intruders. 

Apply to the skin after procedures like laser or microneedling to help increase penetration. 

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