Creamy Moisturizing Bath Milk - 375ml

Creamy Moisturizing Bath Milk - 375ml

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B.M. Bath Milk is a mixture of natural moisturizers to give you a bath that will keep your skin optimally moisturized for the whole day.

Most of the moisturizing solutions have a short-lived effect and the skin loses moisture soon after their application. In contrast, this bath milk locks the moisture inside the skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the day.

The product acts by stimulating the skin’s moisturizing glands to secrete the correct amount of moisture. It keeps the skin hydrated, but does not let the skin go oily.

Free of harmful additives.

How to Use:
-Add 20 to 50ml of the bath milk to a hot water bath.
-Sit in the bath for 15 to 30 minutes.
-Rinse your body with clean warm water.
-Use daily or at least twice a week.

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