Bio Roller G5

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The Bio Roller G5 EMS LED Micro Current Roller is the perfect tool for initiating skin repair and rejuvenating collagen skin. This device uses EMS electroporation micro needles that stimulate cells and accelerate collagen synthesis. With uniform conductivity, the microneedles penetrate the epidermis and create tiny channels, generating gentle nanoprup that penetrates deeply into the muscle layer, promoting deep muscle movement and reshaping firm contours.

The blue light (455 nm) helps calm and soothe, while the red light (630 nm) fades wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.

The adjustable 5 levels of EMS microcurrent lighten fine lines, firm the skin, boost collagen, lift the skin, and shape the face. The blue light and vibration have anti-inflammatory properties that enhance the beauty effect, shrink pores, and soothe and calm the skin. The red light and vibration are concentrated anti-aging agents that reduce wrinkles, accelerate microcirculation, rejuvenate the skin, and lighten lines.


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