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The Estelin body scrub helps turn back the clock of aging and helps to give you a smooth, refreshed skin the moment you use it

It helps for anti-aging purposes, exfoliator and to give your skin a good moisturiser

It revitalizes the skin and lightens your skin by putting your natural glow back into your skin

Can be used for your face or body

Suitable for all skin types

100% pure and natural

5 Benefits of a Body Scrub:

Brightening - Removes dead skin cells

Refreshes your appearance to increase confidence

Promotes skin hydration

Clears blemishes

Reduces stress

Arabica Coffee body scrub: Arabica coffee, dead sea salt, coconut oil and grape seed oil. Protect, repair and nourishing

Himalayan Salt body scrub: Pur Himalayan pink salt, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and rose oil. Elasticity, vitality and purifying

Vitamin C body scrub: Dead sea salt, vitamin C extract, sweet orange extract and Vitamin E. Brightening, anit-aging and an antioxidant

Coconut body scrub: Coconut oil, coconut shell powder, coconut meat extract. Exfoliating, repairing and whitening

Aloe Vera body scrub: Dead sea salt, aloe vera extract, vitamin E. Soothing, smooth, moisturizer

Capacity: 100ml

Keep your skin smooth and healthy with a new refreshing scented body scrub

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