EMS Face and Body Meridian Acupoint Massager

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Multi purpose EMS Face and Body Acupoint Massager

Gravitational Diamond Finger

Skin tightening

Face Lifting & Sculpting

Weight loss

Gua sha drainage

EMS micro electric physiotherapy, dredge collaterals and infrared heat penetration.

Infrared heating massage relaxes the nerves and releases pressure.

Intelligent 6 keys design, easy control, simple operation.

Electronic physical massage, adjustable vibration frequency and amplitude for lumbar spine massage.

Material: ABS + Metal 

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

Voltage: 110-240V

Number of Fingers: 10

Mode: Photothermal mode, microcurrent mode

Photothermal Mode Gear: 3 Gears (1st Gear heating, 2nd Gear light, 3rd Gear heating and light) 

Microcurrent Mode: 3 Modes 

Microcurrent Gear: 8 Gears 

1 x Main Unit

1 x Manual

10 x Finger

1 x Finger Storage Case

2 x Finger Sleeve Adapter

1 Charging  Cable

1 x Bag of Rubber Finger Sleeve

5 x Tape


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