Foldable Steam Sauna Tent 4 Layer Insulation

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Portable Steam Home Sauna - Body Slimming and Weight Loss Detox Therapy.

Steam reduces tension, fatigue and stress. Its invigorating and will purify your body by releasing toxins from your pores. This unique portable steam bath folds up and off you go. This personal portable steam bath requires a little set up no installation, no plumbing and no specialized electrical hookups. Now you can enjoy all the great health and beauty benefits of a Portable Steam Sauna Bath in the privacy of your own home! Space Saver affordable Portable Steam Sauna

One square meter of space and easy to carry.
Compact size and easy to transport store.
There are no additional tools to install.

Convenient sauna at home or anywhere to Reduce your Stress and Tension

Excellent treatment for relaxing your pores and tired muscles


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