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Containing cold liquid, Ice Globes are the perfect tool for stimulating the circulation of blood and oxygenation to your skin. These globes are hypo-allergenic and are made from superior quality Borosilicate glass with a liquid that does not freeze, to effectively cool down your skin in a soft restorative manner.

Ice Globes eliminate redness and calms skin after waxing, extractions, electrolysis, peels and microdermabrasion. 

These facial globes are not only an amazing post-therapy tool for tender skin, but they can also be used for:

Clearing up acne and unclogging pores
Skin tightening (like you’ve just had Botox)
Sinus pain
As a makeup primer
Reducing puffy eyes
Reducing skin redness

The coldness is fantastic for pore reduction and brightening leaving you with a youthful appearance. These globes have been carefully designed to lift, tone, sculpt and reduce any inflammation, and you can take your globes with you wherever you go.

The direction of use:

Use Ice Globes with a serum or face oil by applying a rolling motion over the forehead, orbital eye area, cheeks and neck for 2 to 7 minutes.

Store Ice Globes in the refrigerator, ice bowl or cool water. DO NOT put Iced Globes in your freezer compartment. They might break if the temperature is TOO cold. Place in the refrigerator only. Clean Ice Globes with alcohol and dry them before massaging. Excellent for facial and neck massage as well as back, hand, foot, etc.

It is a must-have product for beauty salons and individuals.

2 x ice globes

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