Inconsign Eye Brow Lamination Lift DIY Kit

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Mini brow lamination kit, suitable for both beginners and professional use. 

Includes 5 mascara brushes and 10 cleaning sticks.

The eyebrow brush set can easily create 3D natural and perfect eyebrows, re-orientate growth and enhance the shape of the eyebrows. When the natural brow brush ends, it will increase thickness, volume and texture. Make your eyebrows more bold and beautiful.

The eyebrow laminate kit is easy to operate and has clear instructions.

Using your eyebrow molding kit, your eyebrows can be lifted continuously for about 1-2 months. With just one kit, you can lift your eyebrows 6-8 times.

The appearance is exquisite, suitable for any occasion-under special circumstances, your eyebrows will be ready in no time. 

 Receive a free eye liner stencil with every purchase.

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