MC Cosmetics Prof. Hyaluronidase 5ml

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Prof. hyaluronidase liquid contains ingredients that act as diffuser agents in the elimination of water retention and adipocytes. It increases the permeability of connective tissue and absorption of fluids. 
Enzyme effective to fibrosis associated to cellulite. Prevents the hyperpolymerization of glycosaminoglycans responsible for water retention, acting directly to remove the retained liquid and reduce the adipocytes volume.
Routine step: Treatment
Frequency: Every 2 weeks (approx. 6-10 sessions) Maintenance treatment: 1 session every 3 months
Treatment area: Body
Recommended: Cellulite, fat reduction, water retention
Suggestion 1: Lipolysis
phosphatidycholine – Amount applied: 5cc
hyaluronidase liquid – Amount applied: 5cc
artichoke – Amount applied: 5cc
Suggestion 2: Lipolysis
hyaluronidase liquid – Amount applied: 5cc
l-carnitine – Amount applied: 5cc
artichoke – Amount applied: 5cc
Application protocol: point by point, nappage or microneedling application deep: 2mm to 4mm amount per puncture: 0,01cc - 0,1cc

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