MC Cosmetics Professional Enzyme 1500 UI

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Unique Powder formulation exclusive to Mc Cosmetics.

Biocomplex of 3 enzymes that acts on the triglycerides metabolism, breaking fat cells into small particles. Enzymes are proteins that play a crucial role in the body's chemical reactions, including digestion. They break down complex molecules into simpler ones, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize nutrients.

Prof. enzyme 1500 U.I. acts as a depolymerizant of glycosaminoglycans. It has a high enzymatic activity and works as a diffuser agent of other ingredients. It actuates directly on the elimination of water retention and on the reduction of the adiposities. It exerts a restructured action on the connective tissue and real ancestors the skin affected by a hydrolipodystrophy.

Main ingredients: Collagenase, Hyaluronidase, Lipase

Can be used topically, transdermal with virtual mesotherapy (iontophoresis or electroporation), with RadioFrequency, ultrasound, with microneedling (dermapen or derma-Roller) and with other mesotherapy procedures. Dilute with saline.

For Lipolysis, double chin and under eye bags.

Includes 1 x 1500 UI

Ask for treatment book for suggestions on how to use.

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