Ozone Fibroblast Plasma Pen

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Ozone is produced by electrolyzing oxygen in the air through high-frequency electric ions. It kills bacteria,fungi and mites, and inhibits inflammation, and the effect of anti-acne is obvious. More importantlv.after the ozone is sterilized, it is reduced to oxygen without residue and secondary pollution.
Skin rejuvenation function:
Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration,and alleviate skin aging problems. Inhibit melanin,brighten skin tone, refine skin texture,shrink pores, improve skin elasticity,anti-aging.and improve allergic dermatitis.
Mainly used for spot removal, tag removal and ozone jet plasma therapy.
New LCD Plasma Pen PAA Ozone Technology Freckle Remover Wart Skin Tag Mole Dark Spot Removal Lifting Eyelid Lift Skin Pore Care

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