Reusable Silicone Face Mask

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This unisex face mask ear-hook design securely locks into place, allowing you to move freely while wearing (no need to lay down). Good to use on top of sheet mask or by itself, this mask creates the perfect “microclimate” to lock in moisture by preventing the essence of your products from evaporating. 

Become the ultimate K-Beauty enthusiast with this reusable silicone sheet mask cover!
This mask cover rests on top of your sheet mask to minimize evaporation and increase the absorption of the essence.
Allows you to get the most bang for your buck out of each and every sheet mask

Suggested Use:

Cleanse and dry the skin before use.

Use 1: Apply a sheet mask and then apply the Silicone mask on to prevent the sheet masks’ moisture and essence from evaporating.

Use 2: Apply the Silicone mask while bathing as a steam mask. It will encourage perspiration and detoxification. Remove if the heat is too much for your skin to handle.

Clean your Mask: rinse with water and air dry. Then, store your mask until next use, this product is durable and made for multiple uses.

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