UV Magnifying Lamp and Steamer

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Using the knob, you can set the preferred treatment duration and turn on the UV lamp, which ensures the disinfection of the water. The device also has a function that allows aromatherapy thanks to a special element placed in the nozzle opening.  The flexible arm of the lamp allows you to adjust the lamp according to the procedure you are performing. Significant magnification will work for precise procedures and allow you to view your skin more closely. The easy operation and functionality of the equipment make it an ideal choice for every beauty salon.

The main function of the device is to effectively cleanse and moisturize the skin . Its action is based on the generation of vapor, which softens dead skin cells, dilates pores and skin vessels, preparing the skin for further beauty treatments. Firstly, the use of the steamer allows you to soften the dead skin layer, which is of particular importance in the effectiveness of cleansing procedures - it facilitates the removal of blackheads and keratinized cells. It unblocks the sebaceous glands (the so-called pores of the skin), which greatly facilitates the secretion of layers of sebum. The skin's breathing and circulation are stimulated, thereby improving the removal of impurities and unwanted metabolic products. The supply of oxygen and penetration of nutrients to the skin is also improved during further treatments. The treatment can also be used on other areas of the body requiring deep cleansing such as the neck, décolleté or back. The treatment also works well in scalp therapy and hair treatments.

The vase is made of black plastic which makes it easy to keep clean . The tripod is equipped with a simple height adjustment range of 78-95 cm, so you can set the equipment at the appropriate level to ensure the comfort of the person performing the treatment. The magnifying glass lamp and steam generator nozzle can rotate independently of each other to increase the range of possible settings. The four-star base with rubber wheels increases mobility, making it easy to move around.

The exact dimensions are shown in the photo.

Kit includes: vase, magnifying glass lamp, tripod with four-star base on rubber wheels, instructions.


Vapozone power: 750 watts

Power of the light bulb: 9.5 W

Lamp power of the Vapozone: 220V

Lamp Lamp voltage: 100-240V


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