Zena Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid & Pantrofina NMF Complex 100 ml

Zena Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid & Pantrofina NMF Complex 100 ml

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Cannabis Extract contains compounds and antioxidants that help in skin regeneration, stimulating its natural balance, deeply moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating it.

Hyaluronic Acid & Pantrofina Natural Moisturizing Factor Complex is indicated for deep and intense skin moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid supplies the deepest layers of derma with intense moisture. Pantrofina NMF Complex supplies skin with nutrients and makes it elastic and restored. Result of a regular applying of sheet mask is restored and young skin, with smoothened wrinkles, more elastic and healthy color.

PANTROFINA® NMF is a synergistic natural moisturizing complex, designed to restore the skin to his physiological homeostasis. Enriched with honey bees and sugars, it is usable in every cosmetic formulation.

Ingredients: Water, Pantrofina NMF, Cannabis Extract (Seedocan), Laurspan, Hyaluronic Acid,Sharomix, Fragrance



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